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Columba-Hypatia is back!

The Columba-Hypatia activities are back again for the week of the 20th-26th of November. This time round GalileoMobilers Marja and Fabio are joining us from Carnegie and Crete, and we have a busy week ahead with lots of different activities planned out!

To start off, we will be paring up two more schools from north and south of the border in Cyprus, from Famagusta and Ayia Napa. We will carry out astronomy activities and solar observations in each of the schools on Wednesday and Friday and then on Saturday the children will all meet up together at the Home for Cooperation to get to know each other and learn all together about the Universe.

On Friday we have an event for the public at the 1010 Asteroskopeion in Nicosia (here's the link where our astrophysicists from Cyprus and abroad will be talking about their research topics in accessible 15-minute talks. Don't miss it!

On Sunday we then have an event for youths (13-18 year olds) from around Cyprus (link:, where we will visit the Hubble Space Telescope Image Gallery at 1010 Asteroskopeion, talk about colliding black holes and the exciting new field of Gravitational waves (which also won this year's Physics Nobel Prize!) as well as carry out observations of the night sky on the roof. Oh, and there will be free snacks and drinks! :)

Join us for these events and stay updated on our facebook page!

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