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GALILEOCAST is A PODCAST THAT was specially developed to bring back TO teachers, Saharawi ethnoastronomical knowledge acquired on the CAMPS DURING AMANAR.

IN 2020, GALILEOMOBILE WAS AWARDED A GRANT FROM THE OFFICE OF ASTRONOMY FOR DEVELOPMENT (OAD) TO CARRY OUT THE E-AMANAR PROJECT. IN RESPONSE TO THE CHALLENGES IMPOSED BY COVID, E-AMANAR IS THE CONTINUATION OF THE TRAINING OF TEACHERS INVOLVED IN THE 2019 AMANAR PROJECT. The scarcity of computers and the lack of reliable INTERNET connectivity impose that the activities were carried out via Whatsapp, working with audio podcasts so that teachers can access the material asynchronously. In addition, we send low quality images  to illustrate the activities.

The TeAM suggested several astronomICAL related themes FOR THE TEACHERS to choose. Among the chosen activities, one of them WAS precisely about traditional Saharawi astronomy. We used the testimonies registered at the camps to create the GalileoCast podcast series to discuss the issue with the Saharawis. One of the objectives proposed by the activity is to encourage teachers to research new stories and use the space of classes to INVITE their students TO DO THE SAME. this WAS our first product thAT returnED to the camps.





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